Monday, February 18, 2008


The days are getting longer and yesterday, they was a dewey smell of spring in the air. I just love it, it makes me so hopeful!

The image above gives me that same feeling. It's from one of my favorite new Etsy shops, lushbella. I love the beautiful vignettes created with the some times everyday and sometimes whimsical objects.
From lushbella's profile: "One day...not very long ago, I began pulling a bunch of trinkets together and arranged them on our too tiny coffee table, and then left them there for days because I didn't want to put them away"..."so I decided to photograph them, so that I wouldn't forget what they looked like together.The process has become a way for me to remember what I have and to reminisce about what I was doing...where I was...and how I felt at the time I made their discovery. "

Check out lushbella's Etsy shop for more lovely prints that are sure to put you in the mood for spring.


Lorelei said...

This shop is awesome. I fell in love at first sight! Have you seen the book, French Inspired Jewelry? Some of the jewelry is photographed with that same background of linen. Gorgeous!

Kasey said...

Still loving all the jewels I have!
I'll have to order more soon.