Friday, August 24, 2007

Indie Blogs

My friend Kristin Eno of Pixie Petals and Halflight at etsy has turned me on to a great blog. Run by Kpoene of Miss Mignonette on etsy, La Mode D'indie is a wealth of information not only about Kpoene's wonderful work and design, but of other fine designers as well. I love her style of writing, fun and really get the sense that you are sitting down and chatting with her.

If you are on the lookout for a new favorite jewelry designer, some fresh stationary, or a one of a kind piece to complete your Saturday night date outfit, I strongly suggest checking out this blog.


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thistlepixie said...

hi lola! how much fun, to see my name here on your lovely blog : ) thanks for the links!! funny i was just thinking of starting a blog about my painting/jewelry ( then saw that yours is so extensive ! i haven't spent enough time reading your fun postings and must do so! hope you're well....happy holidays**