Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wabisabi Brooklyn

while at the Brooklyn Indie Market, i had the pleasure of meeting 1/2 of the new, very wonderful design team Wabisabi Brooklyn, MaryAnne LoVerme. MaryAnne invited me to stop by their trunk show, held to celebrate the fact that Wabisabi Brooklyn is a newly minted LLC. I was thrilled of course and brought my sister along for the ride. i got to meet the other half of the teem, Naomi in addition to checking out all their beautiful work in person. I purchased the necklace above and i love it, wood is my new obsession. you can check out their etsy shop here.

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MaryAnne said...

Wow, I'm a little late to find this post, but thanks, Lola! It was great to meet you.

You should stop by Camp Lounge (Smith Street btw Warren and Wyckoff) next Sunday from 12-6 for our Valentine Party!