Friday, July 13, 2007

Beautiful Things

its friday and the weather is just beautiful so i wanted to showcase something equally as gorgeous. these pieces come from designer kjoo. i love the use of color and flowing organic form which seems to appeal to every one of my senses. the work reminds me of a summer garden in peak season, bursting with color and blossoming forth goodness. there is not much more i can say, these wonderful photos certainly speak for themselves. do your senses a favor and check the rest of this amazing shop right here.


m.Lee said...

Those earrings are crazy cool! I love them. And normally I am a metal jewelry kind of person.

Vintage Indie said...

The Patchwork earrings are adorable!

Lola said...

me too m but aren't they awesome? i wish i had made them! i love, Love, LOVE kjoo's shop!