Thursday, March 27, 2008

Amazing Faux

I found my new favorite Etsy shop, Amethyst Soap, today while browsing the Time Machine feature. I spied the “turquoise” pieces above and my mind started to craft ideas of beautiful pieces of jewelry created with the nuggets.
It wasn’t until I clicked into the shop that I realized the turquoise pieces were not beads, but soap! Yes, soap. Now, I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with all things faux bois lately, but these soaps take “faux” to the next level. The detail, depth, color, everything about these soaps tricks the eye, in an amazing way.
Along with the tumbled turquoise soap, Margaret of Amethyst Soap creates, you guessed it, beautiful amethyst crystal soap.
I encourage you to check out her shop and be amazed!

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